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Debt Clear Solutions. International House, Suite 501, 223 Regent St, London, W1B 2QD

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Reclaim What You Are Owed
Stop Court Proceedings

If you have had a loan, credit card or mortgage, with Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), in the last 12 years, you may be owed money. Even if you have paid back the money you originally borrowed, if you have a mis-sold PPI, you may have a valid claim. We will act on your behalf to ensure you receive the full compensation that is rightfully yours.

If your lender has initiated court proceedings against you for failure to maintain your monthly repayments, and you have already received a court summons our Solicitors will defend you on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. Our Solicitors are familiar with running defence cases . If you already have a County Court Judgement (CCJ), our Solicitors may also be able to get this revoked.

Reduce Your Debt
Challenge Your Unfair Credit Agreements
Debt Management

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, it is possible to significantly reduce the ongoing repayments on your debts.
We will negotiate with all of your creditors, on your behalf, to ensure your monthly repayments are reduced to an affordable amount, and help you to put a financial strategy in place to reduce your total debt by as much as 40%.

If the credit agreement you signed when you took out your loan or credit card is flawed, you may not have to pay back the money. We will audit your credit agreement to see if it is unfair, and if it is irrefutably unenforceable, you may not be required to pay back what you owe. If not our solicitor will negotiate with your lender to reduce your current outstanding balance.