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Payment Protection Insurance: You are 90% certain to get a refund.

Thousands of people who have been sold payment protection insurance (PPI) alongside a loan or credit card are almost guaranteed to get their premiums back if they pursue a complaint...

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Credit card debt levels rise as average Scot found to owe £6600

Scots are being buried under a mountain of debt as the average credit-card bill rises to nearly £6600. The average Scot owes £6598 on credit cards and loans ...

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High Street Lenders and Companies Recently Fined

FSA Fines high street lenders millions for PPI failings.

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10m fall for credit card 'snake oil'

Nearly 10 million of us have been lured into buying 'modern-day snake oil' - payment protection plans on credit cards, say industry experts.

Shoppers are collectively blowing £970million a year on cover that is effectively useless, they say.

Of the 9.8million who have signed up for Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), almost 1.3million are being misled into taking out a policy, research by consumer watchdog Which? reveals.

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