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Can You Avoid Bankruptcy?


You could be forgiven for thinking that if your lender has issued a bankruptcy order against you, that it may not be possible for you to avoid bankruptcy, however this is not necessarily the case. It may be possible to defend the bankruptcy and get the bankruptcy petition set aside.

Recently, one of our client’s was being forced into bankruptcy by his credit card lender, for failure to maintain his repayments. Fortunately, we were able to identify misconduct by the lender, plus flaws in his credit agreement, and instructed our solicitors to successfully defend our client, Dr “B”, in court. Consequently, the bankruptcy petition was halted and Dr “B” was awarded costs against the lender.

Are you currently being threatened with bankruptcy by your lender? Or have you already received a court summons? If so, we can quickly identify the validity of the bankruptcy petition and help you avoid bankruptcy.

There are many circumstances that may result in a bankruptcy petition being set aside and therefore resulting in you being able to avoid bankruptcy.


Bankruptcy* Why You May Avoid It:

If you have already received a court summons then we may be able to prepare a defence under a No Win No Fee.


When a client first contacted us about Debt Solutions, his bankruptcy court date, where his lender was intending to bankrupt him, was imminent. Debt Clear Solutions wasted no time in instructing their solicitors, who quickly successfully defended the client in court. The bankruptcy petition was set aside by the judge, our client avoided bankruptcy, and was awarded costs against the lender.

As this is a legal process, all cases have to assessed on their own merit. In some cases, it is not possible for our solicitors to prepare the defence under a No Win No Fee in which case the client will be required to put funds into the solicitor client account. However, on successful completion of the case, our solicitors will endeavour to reclaim the legal costs from the others side, which will mean the client is then refunded the money originally put on the solicitor’s account.

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