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Debt Solutions Services

Debt Clear Solutions Services consists of a proven legal process. We have an exclusive partnership with our solicitors, and have retained the services of a Barrister, who is an expert in Consumer Credit Law. He is on hand to supply guidance and law on individual cases as required.

Our solicitors are able to process 10,000 claims per month and operate a fully automated case management system so as to track our clients' cases.

One of the major obstacles to successfully processing a case is having the available funding required in order to issue proceedings. This is necessary in a large volume of cases and costs in the region of £150 to £180 per case.

Due to the backing of a major equity investor, who has made a £25 million drawdown facility available to us, we are in the enviable position of being able to fund our clients' cases up front. This ensures we can offer our clients a genuine service, with a successful resolution to their claim in as short a time as possible.

We are associated with an insurance company who provide "No Win, No Fee" After The Event Insurance. This ensures that our clients will not be liable for any further costs other than the initial application paid at the commencement of the evaluation (ĎAudit') process. Backed by a major firm in the City of London, our insurance is a three-tier premium policy, with the premium deferred until the end of the case.

We operate a comprehensive ĎAudit' of each and every Credit Agreement to ensure there is genuine claim. Each case file is assessed three times before proceeding.

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Debt Solutions

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