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Like many people in these challenging economic times, you may be stuck in a spiral of debt that you cannot see a way out of. The stress caused by ongoing financial difficulties can be so overwhelming, it can lead to ill health, and adversely affect your relationships. Perhaps, most importantly, the constant worry can prevent you from deciding upon an effective strategy to how reduce your debts to a realistic and affordable amount, and regain control over your finances.

Several years ago it was relatively easy to get access to endless credit, and consolidate several unsecured debts into one lump sum. Although this ultimately meant a number of smaller debts being bundled conveniently into one larger debt, often secured on a property, it also meant higher repayment terms. Due to the recession, people are now finding it difficult to afford the repayment, particularly if there is a sudden change in circumstances, such as a loss of income. What seemed like a genuine Debt Solutions at the time, has, for many people, lead to the shocking reality of losing their home.

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The Real Solution

Conventional debt management companies are able to negotiate with your creditors such as your credit card and loan companies, but are rarely interested in assisting you with other often more pressing creditors, such as mortgage lenders, letting agents, utility providers and local authorities. Being in debt to these organisations has potentially far more reaching consequences, namely repossession, eviction and possibly even imprisonment. At Debt Clear Solutions, we believe leaving you to deal with these serious issues, without support, is not acceptable.

Once you start to fall behind in your monthly repayments, your creditors, whether they be lenders, or debt collection agencies, are often relentless in their determination to settle your arrears. Unfortunately, this level of harassment only compounds the stress you may already be feeling, and it is human nature to avoid dealing with your mounting debts. However, not addressing the situation will only lead to the inevitable, which could be a county court judgement leading to bailiffs knocking on your door to confiscate your personal goods, or at worst, repossession of your home.

Our unique Debt Reduction Programme takes the worry and stress from your shoulders and helps to restore calm and stability to your life. We will assess your true financial situation, formulate an achievable strategy to alleviate your debt problems, and contact your creditors to ensure a realistic and affordable solution is negotiated for you.

So, if you are currently experiencing financial difficulty, why not take our test to see how we can help you to reduce and manage your debts and regain control of your finances.

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