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Free Credit Check

Credit Checker - What Can I Do?

Many people have no idea how many debts they have, or how many lapsed Credit Cards, Loans, Mortgages or HP (Higher Purchase) agreements they could potential reduce the repayments on or even be entitled to compensation due to mis selling.

We are often asked what is the best way to find out what accounts you have and what are the account numbers.

The obvious way would be to phone each credit card company, bank or mortgage lender to ask them if they can give you the details of all the accounts you have with them, this we find can be very difficult particularly if you are unable to remember the account details.

So to help you we have an arrangement with CreditExpert where you can get a copy of your FREE Experian credit report. Once you have your credit fill you will see details of all the accounts you have, the account numbers will not be complete however it will give you enough information to then call the company and ask for the full number.

By doing a credit check you will probably find accounts you had forgotten about, which could result in you being owed more money than you thought.

At Debt Clear Solutions we find over 80% of accounts have mis selling so you are probably owed money you dont even know about.

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