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Frequently Asked Questions


What If I Want Payment Protection Insurance?

Many people want Payment Protection Insurance, however are very surprised when we uncover they have been overcharged by thousands of pounds for the policy. Many clients are shocked to discover that they are not actually eligible to claim, should they fall ill or made redundant.

What Can I Claim For?

You can claim for Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance on Credit Cards, Loans, Hire Purchase Loans, Mortgages, Re-Mortgages or Secured Loans.

What If my Credit Card, Loan or Hire Purchase Loan Has Been Paid Off?

Even if you have paid back the money you have borrowed, you can still lodge a claim for compensation for Mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance as long as it has been redeemed within the last 6 years.

What If my Mortgage or Secured Loan Has Been Paid Off?

You can still lodge a compensation claim for Mis-sold payment protection Insurance on Mortgages, Re-Mortgages or Secured Loans, as long as they have been redeemed within the last 12 years.

I Am Not Sure I Still Have The Original Paperwork. Does that Mean I Cannot Make A Claim?

No. Our Claims Specialists will contact your Insurance Company, on your behalf, and request all the necessary documentation to proceed with your claim.

How Long Will The Claims Process Take?

If the total value of your claim is below £5000, it is realistic to expect the claims process to take between 3-4 months, providing the lender complies. Should the total value of the PPI claim be above 5000, it will automatically be out into the hands of our Solicitor, to ensure you receive the maximum compensation due to you, including interest. As this is a legal process, it is impossible to predict the time frame, particularly if it goes to court. However, it would be reasonable to expect the case to be successfully resolved in 6-9 months.

How Much Does It Cost?

Debt Clear Solutions charges £95.00 for this service and 25% of the total settlement figure recovered for you. This is only paid upon successful settlement of your claim, and is deducted from the final compensation paid by the lender.

Should the total value of your PPI claim be over £5000, you will also be required to provide a cheque or postal order for £11.00, made payable to your lender. This is the administration fee the lender charges to release all your documentation.

*Beware of companies who charge only a 10% fee, but keep your interest, which can amount to thousands of pounds.

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