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Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Help With All My Debts?

Yes, we can help you manage all of your debts including prioritising your regular financial outgoings to enable you to go about your day to day business free from the nagging worry of not being able to meet your financial commitments.

Can I Manage My Debts Myself?

Yes you can manage your debts yourself, however as we have found the average number of creditors is between 6-8 per client, the process is extremely time consuming, as ongoing communication and negotiation with your some what reluctant creditors is required. Consequently, we have found most people do not have the time, inclination or expertise take on this process, and so feel more comfortable if a trusted third party negotiates with their lenders, on their behalf. This also confirms to your creditors that you are serious about addressing these issues. Many arrangements break down between people in debt and their creditors through lack of communication, By using an experienced intermediary, such as Debt Clear Solutions, we ensure that your agreed reduced payments are kept up to date and lines of communication are maintained.

How Long Does It Take To Clear My Debts?

This is dependant on the type and value of debts involved, and other critical factors such as can interest be frozen, will the creditor accept a reduced lump sum to clear the debt.

Can You Help If I Am In An IVA Or Debt Management Plan?

Yes if you are the subject of an I.V.A (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) and are struggling with your repayments , we will consult with your Insolvency Practitioner, as a matter of urgency, to assess your situation. Our goal is to seek the best possible solution to your current financial dilemma.

Will My Credit File Be Affected?

Once you are in difficulty and start to default on payments, creditors are obliged to inform credit reference agencies, and mark your credit file accordingly. Although this will undoubtedly affect your ability to get credit for up to 6 years, in most cases it will not stop you from obtaining any credit at all. However, it will reduce the number of options open to you, and ultimately cost you more money in interest, as you will then be considered by future lenders as a higher risk.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our initial fee is based on the first two reduced monthly payments we have negotiated with your creditors. This has been calculated on your MONTHLY DISPOSABLE INCOME, meaning the TOTAL you have available once you have set aside enough money to pay your priority debts, such as your council tax etc, plus your normal living expenses. This initial fee covers our time and expertise in negotiating a substantial reduction in your monthly payments, leaving you the peace of mind to regain control over your daily finances. This is a one-off fee spread over the first two months of your debt reduction payment plan.

We then charge a modest monthly fee of just 10% of your reduced monthly repayment amount for the duration of the arrangement with your creditors. This covers our collection and processing of your repayments, and ensuring each creditor is paid correctly, and on time, so as to maintain a good relationship. Once we have put your bespoke payment program in place, not only will you instantly start saving money, but the harassing phone calls and endless letters from your creditors and debt collectors will stop, giving you peace of mind and freedom from the burden of unmanageable debt.

When Do I Pay?

Payments will be taken over the first two months of the debt reduction program. Your first two payments, which would normally go to your creditors, will cover you fee. All your creditors will be informed that during this period of time they will not be receiving any payments on the accounts - this is standard practice within the debt industry. Over the length of the program we will seek to ensure the outstanding benefits you receive far outweigh any initial associated costs.

What If You Are Unable To Help Me?

We have yet to find a financial problem that can't be resolved. Our priority is to put a debt reduction program in place that is appropriate to you and your current financial situation. Consequently, ours is not a 'one size fits all' program, but a bespoke service tailored to fit our clients' best interests.

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