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Success Stories

Was Paying:
Now Paying:

Client had 2 Loans, 11 Credit Cards, 5 Store Cards, 3 Overdrafts, 1 Catalogue totaling £71,938 costing £1,896.41 per month. Monthly payments reduced to £300 per month, a saving of £1,596.41 per month.

"Dear Phil,

Despite me having over £70,000 worth of unsecured debt and 22 separate agreements, you still managed to find a plan for me which has given me a new sense of purpose. The burden you have lifted cannot be under estimated and I thank God you were there in my hour of need. Everything seemed to be closing in around me, it was awful.

Thank you so, so much. You really are a star among stars and you’re lovely nature alone lifted my days when I couldn’t see a way forward.

God bless
Anon, Luton "

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Was Paying:
Now Paying:

Client had 3 Overdraft/Loans & 4 Credit Cards totaling £43,224 costing £1,146 per month. Reduced monthly payment down to £295.99 per month, a saving of £850.01 per month.

"Dear Phil,

I am writing to let you know how happy I am that I contacted you when I was in a desperate state about money.

Thanks to your advice I am now able to get on with my life without the weight of the world on my shoulders. I feel I am able to contribute something to my creditors and at the same time live a life with a lot less stress.

You made me feel as if I was not the only person in the world to have money problems and that there is always a solution. I no longer dread answering the telephone in case someone is asking for money as all of that has stopped.

Thank you so much for helping me to get my life back on track. I am telling any of my friends who have money worries to contact you as I know you will always do you best to help someone.

Many thanks
NM from Plymouth"

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"Dear Phil,

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work and enthusiasm you put into sorting out my financial problems. I am so glad I contacted you and now feel that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is all due to your efforts on my behalf.

Again Thank You.
HW of Isle of Wight "

"Dear Phil,

Thanks to you and your ‘customer focused’ attention to detail, you’ve given me back my life! All your efforts and even just ‘an ear to bend’ was relief for me and my family when our financial situation was at its most desperate.

I feel I can look forward to each day once more and not dread the post and telephone ringing. It really is like starting over and your honesty and bright nature is a credit to you.

Thanks again and be sure I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs the same financial help we did.

All the best
JG from Ayr, Scotland "

"Dear Phil,

Thank you so much for handling my financial affairs.

This is my second time dealing with you and once again I felt totally confident that you would handle my application with impartiality and the utmost professionalism, discretion and efficiency.

Dealing with financial institutions is very daunting and it was reassuring to be able to place my trust in someone who has again taken the burden off my shoulders and for that I am sincerely grateful.

Thank you again.
Lizzie Lunn "

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Mr Miller of Yorkshire received £3480.36 compensation from MBNA.

Mr Matharoo of London received £3117.60 compensation from Egg.

Mrs Cooper of Dorset received £2322.53 compensation from Natwest.

Mr Mathias of London received £1651.87 compensation from Halifax.

Ms Sinclair of Birmingham received £1708.45 compensation from Egg.

Mr McIntyre of London received £1167.84 compensation from Halifax.

Ms Ford of Sussex received £836.94 compensation from MBNA.

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Debt Clear Solutions’ client, Dr ‘B’, can finally relax after several months of receiving harassing phone calls, threatening letters, and finally a pending bankruptcy petition, instigated by his lender contacted us for one of our Debt Solutions.

"It’s been a horrendous ordeal" said Dr "B", " and I am so relieved it is finally over". The stress and worry caused by the looming bankruptcy hearing also put a terrible strain on his family. "Whenever I tried to telephone the lender to question the charges, the people I spoke refused to discuss them, and just put pressure on me to pay. I thought I was going to lose my family home!"

When Dr "B" first contacted Debt Clear Solutions, the court hearing, where his lender was intending to bankrupt Dr "B", was imminent. Debt Clear Solutions wasted no time in instructing their solicitors, who quickly defended Dr "B" in court, resulting in the bankruptcy petition being set aside.

Debt Clear Solutions Ltd uncovered that the lender had increased the credit card"s annual interest rate from 13.5% to over 30% within two years and then again to over 50% for a further two years. Some lenders are increasing the rate of interest without first informing the client and in many cases this may be a breach of the terms and conditions.

A change in circumstances meant Dr "B" was finding it difficult to keep up the monthly repayments, not surprisingly at over 50% interest, so consequently, Dr "B" fell into arrears. Rather than negotiate a repayment plan, the lender added a "Debt Recovery Fee" of over £1,900 on to the balance of the account and issued proceedings to bankrupt Dr "B".

"I was totally shocked when Debt Clear Solutions told me the lender had been overcharging me for interest as far back as 2007. Lenders should be more careful when increasing interest without first informing the client. They also informed me the lender would appear to have acted wrongly when issuing proceedings to bankrupt me and that their solicitors firm, may be able to get the bankruptcy petition set aside".

Our solicitor successfully defended the case resulting in the bankruptcy petition being set aside, plus Dr "B" was awarded costs against the lender. Dr "B" told told Debt Clear Solutions Ltd that although the day in court was traumatic, he was extremely impressed with the solicitors professionalism in handling the case. The Solicitor said he felt justice had been served and was very reassured by the comments of the judge who stated that the bankruptcy process was not there to be used as a means of conducting contentious litigation where there is a real dispute.

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