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If you have a Credit Card or have taken out a Loan with a financial institution, then you will have signed a Credit Agreement with the Lender.

What you may not know is that many of your Credit Agreements may be flawed or invalid, and therefore unenforceable. If this is the case, they can be challenged by our Claims Specialists, which may result in the entire outstanding balance being written off. Quite simply, if the Credit Agreement is deemed to be unenforceable, you may not have to pay the loan or credit card back.


Credit Agreements* that can be challenged include:

The Debt Solutions we offer provide an opportunity for you to check if your current Credit Agreements comply with the Consumer Credit Agreement of 1974. If considered to be unenforceable, our Claims Specialists can act on your behalf to have any outstanding debts written off, and possibly reclaim any ‘Unfair’ Credit Card Charges due to late payments or exceeding your credit limit.

*Agreements must be between £1,500 and £25,000

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