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Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Will My Claim Take?

Our goal is to receive the maximum settlement possible on your behalf, so realistically expect between 6 to 9 months to achieve a final settlement.

Can I Register A Claim For Each Of My Credit Cards?

Yes, we can make a claim on any of your Credit Cards, providing the amount is more than £12.

Can I Submit The Claim Myself?

Yes, however, many people prefer to place their claims in the hands of a company that specialises in recovering the maximum settlement for their clients. As there is NO UPFRONT FEE for this service, we have found our clients are delighted for us to take away the hassle of trying to claim for themselves.

What Does It Cost?

There is NO UPFRONT FEE or hidden cost for this service. Upon successful completion of the claim, you are charged a fee of 20% of the final settlement amount. Leaving you the rest to contribute towards any Debt Solutions.  

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